Vandal Valorant - LED neon sign
Vandal Valorant - LED neon sign
Vandal Valorant - LED neon sign
Vandal Valorant - LED neon sign

Vandal Valorant - LED neon sign

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If you love your favorite game and all the memories it has brought to you, then this is the perfect addition to your gaming setup.

Inspired from the wildly popular video game Valorant, our Vandal Valorant Neon Sign is a replica that could be displayed in any room of the house and is sure to bring awe to anyone who sees it.

The Light Side

  • Vandal Valorant LED Neon Sign
  • Size: 25 x 8.6 in
  • Color Shown: Red
  • Backing: Transparent Cut To Shape

    Each one of our signs at StreetLyte uses neon flex material, a type of PVC/SIlicone piping with LED lights mounted onto a recycled transparent acrylic board. This material gives us the ability to make our signs more modern and bright, while being more durable, affordable, and sustainable.

    Our optional remote contains touch buttons and a touch wheel to change the brightness of the sign to however you want and turn it on and off easily!

    We use:

    -LED Lights (Consumes less energy than traditional neon)

    -Recycled materials

    -100% Recycled packaging

    Our installation process is super simple and designed to be as easy as possible for our customers. We provide a free screw kit in every box that allows you to mount the sign to any wall.

    There are two methods of installation:

    -Provided Screw Kit (wall mark)

    -Command Strips (no wall mark)

    We believe in getting our signs to our customers as quickly as possible so you can enjoy them without having to wait. We are also proud to have the fastest shipping time available anywhere!

    Shipping Options:

    -Free|Standard (5-9 Business Days)

    -$25|Expedited (3-5 Business Days)

    Designed by our in-house team of creatives and neon art addicts. Each piece of neon art is thoughtfully designed to the highest degree of aesthetics, quality, and safety. You’ll love your neon art, and you’ll leave your friends in awe & admiration.